Hot as BBQ Sauce


For those that like it hot, but who still want that big flavour. Hot As Bar-B-Q Sauce is based on the original recipe’s smokey flavour plus an American-style shot of Habanero chilli.



With its Original sauce as a foundation, Big Rick’s Hot As BBQ Sauce brings in a new big flavour powerhouse ingredient to the mix. Habanero chilli. In the States, this ‘chilli pepper’ is renowned for bringing serious heat and serious flavour to many a favourite dish. Yet don’t let that put you off! Our recipe is mindful of your tender Australian taste buds, and we’re very sparing with this lovely hot little chilli. Our sauce maxes out that Big Rick’s taste people crave while giving you a perfect shot of heat for that perfect hot sauce.

This hot sauce goes with all things barbecue, and indoor cooking too, as a dipping sauce or marinade, perfect for meals like casseroles, grills and stir-fries. Mouthwatering on steak, sausages, in fact, beef generally as well as chicken, duck, pork, seafood, vegetables, sandwiches, burgers, pies. Use it as a pizza base sauce, and of course on great barbecue dishes like RIBS, RIBS, RIBS!

Did you know all our sauces are GLUTEN FREE?

Ingredient List:

Ketchup (tomato paste, water, sugar), Worcestershire sauce (ingredients:

molasses, water, sugar, salt acidity regulator (260), caramel, tamarind, spices), brown sugar, Chilli Sauce, (water, sugar, vegetable gum (415) acidity regulator (260); chili powder, garlic powder, salt, chili – Habanero, onion flakes – dehydrated, Hickory Smoke Flavour (water, hickory smoke flavour, vinegar, hydrolysed soy protein, sugar, caramel, spice), Garlic – dehydrated, spices. Contains traces of soy protein.


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