Looking for a sensational BBQ sauce and stumbled on us? … Well, come on in…  We offer four big tasting BBQ flavours in our popular range, used as a dipping sauce or a marinade. Find the nearest butcher stocking our sauces near you or come online to buy a bottle of big flavour today to try for yourself.

Big Rick’s Mixed Pack BBQ Sauce

Perfect for those who love all the flavours, the mixed pack includes all four of our famous sauces… Original, Honey, With a Bite and Hot As Bar-B-Q Sauce.

Big Rick's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce
Original BBQ Sauce

The one and only top sauce… The original flavoured BBQ sauce from Big Rick offers a big feel tomato-rich taste and texture, a uniquely big smokey flavour, with a hint of Asian spice.

Honey BBQ Sauce

The mildest of our sauces. Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce is based on the original BBQ recipe laced velvet smooth, sweet and rich-tasting Australian honey, chosen for its rich colour and flavour.

With a Bite BBQ Sauce

Kick it up a notch… Buy With a Bite BBQ sauce, based on the Original recipe with it’s big, rich, smokey, tomato flavour plus a hint of Chipotle chilli to give it a little bit of ZING!

Hot as BBQ Sauce

For those that like it hot, but who still want that big flavour. Hot As Bar-B-Q Sauce is based on the original recipe’s smokey flavour plus an American-style shot of Habanero chilli.

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