Welcome butchers! If you haven’t tried Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces yet, you haven’t experienced the lure of their big taste sensation for yourself. There’s no time like today to get a sample and see for yourself.

Why choose Big Rick’s barbeque sauce?

  • We’re established. You’d be providing a barbeque sauce range that’s already in high demand. Well established in the US and here in Australia, the sauces have a solid fan base. There are prospective buyers right around Australia who’ll go to great lengths to get these sauces from you!
  • A gourmet taste sensation. You have a guaranteed, quality, niche product on the one hand, that’s a cut above those in supermarkets or chains. The sauces work with high-end or gourmet produce, like premium cuts of steak, sausages, pork, chicken, duck or fish. They work equally well for budget meat or poultry meals. They’re delicious on vegetables too.
  • Versatility. As Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces work as a dipping sauce and marinade in one, many butchers rely on them for their value-added specials. See our own butcher, Big Glenn’s story.

How do I compete with an online store?

That’s easy – you don’t!

Our online store has been created to help us grow, but ultimately we’d prefer to have our sauce in your butcher’s shop than here. To ensure this works for you we’ve made sure the customer is still better off buying local than buying online. How?

Pricing. The bottle retails online for the same price online as we recommend you sell it for in-store, it’s no cheaper. However, online they need to purchase a minimum of four bottles per order and pay for the delivery costs. That means it’s still cheaper and instantaneous to pop in at your local butcher to grab a bottle.

Become a reseller

There are two ways to become a reseller of Big Rick’s barbeque sauces.

  1. Buy from your distributor
    1. ACE Butcher Supplies, contact Dean – 02 4733 0380
    2. Delaney’s Country Style, contact Bruce – 02 9979 7477
    3. Just 4 Butchers – 02 6685 8977,
    4. Vadals (QLD) – 1800 545 554,
    5. Complete Butcher Supplies (VIC) – 03 9775 0036,
  2. Buy wholesale direct
    Simply apply to become one of our resellers, or if you are an existing customer, use our online order form and buy directly from us.
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