Big Rick’s has become a big Australian BBQ sauce favourite. Meet the Big Rick’s team.

Like all Big Rick’s fans, behind the scenes, we crave the big taste of Big Rick’s Bar-B-Q Sauces and love its big smooth texture. We’re big on the sauces’ history, direct from award-winning recipes from a sauce making genius in the US, Rick Doty (or Big Rick) himself.  We’re proud of how our sauces are made gluten-free with top quality produce, carefully selected to keep the authenticity of the Big Rick’s legend alive.

As barbeque enthusiasts, foodies and plain old good food eaters ourselves, the Big Rick’s crew, that is Big Glen, Big Bob and Big Al, are each fans of the four big tasting sauces. We’ve got our favourite ways to eat them and prepare meals with them, to transform a simple cut of steak, chook, a slice of fish or a plate of veggies into a big taste sensation.

Big Glen’s fond of a simple cut of steak with our Original BBQ sauce, Big Bob spaghetti bolognaise and Big Al’s big tip is to add Big Rick’s to bacon and eggs to make it a feast.

Big Rick's Testimonial Image

Big Rick

The Originator

[ultimate_modal btn_size=”md” btn_text=”Rick’s Story” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″ btn_txt_color=”#ffffff”]About Rick Doty, Big Rick himself

‘Big Rick’, Rick Doty

The Originator

It all began in America when BBQ competitions were gaining ground as massive cultural and culinary events. In 2001, house-painter, Rick Doty, started making his barbeque sauce when he couldn’t find one with a taste he craved. He brought his special cooking technique and home-made sauce to the competition circuit and went on a winning spree. His customers were soon lining up at food fairs and cooking events eager to get a jar of Big Rick’s. Rick Doty quit his day job and along with close friends and family started cooking full-time.

From Rick Doty himself

“I thought it would be a hobby,” Doty said. “I never even thought about doing it full time. But it started taking off, so we quit painting houses and started cooking.”

Rick and his team developed sauce recipes, in long and raucous tasting sessions, lasting late into the night. They cooked up the winning sauces in large pots and poured them into jars. The last step involved attaching tamper-proof sleeves on the lids, shrinking them into place with a hairdryer!

Being a big guy, and an authentic food creator, Rick Doty was simply named ‘Big Rick’ and became a mini-celebrity. One of the early sauces was named after his dog Boots.

From the start, the original recipes avoided the pitfall of volumising like so many others. To this day, Big Rick’s is manufactured across Australia and America this in this way.

Big Rick’s Down Under Adventure

While Rick Doty’s left the scene today, the legend of his award-winning recipes and cooking methods live on through the sauces and has for over eight years in Australia. When working with Rick Doty’s original big flavour sauce recipes, we stay as close to them as possible, while adapting them for your subtler Australian taste buds. (The chilli factor’s way toned down!)

Our team relates to Rick Doty’s story, seeing him as a big personality, cooking adventurer and founder. We’re happy with his eye-catching mug on our labels![/ultimate_modal]

The Cook - Big Rick's

Big Bob

The Cook

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The Cook - Big Rick's

The Cook – Big Rick’s

Big Bob

The Cook

Bob McKenzie runs Big Rick’s cooking team at the Colonial Foods facility in central NSW. Bob’s been with us from day one and is passionate about making Big Rick’s sauce. Even though the facility is high tech, Bob’s dedicated to replicating the home-cooking methods made famous by their creator, American Rick Doty.

Bob prides himself on sourcing just the right ingredients to get that sought-after Big Rick’s big taste and full texture to the Australian range. For instance, when making Honey BBQ, he bypassed several cheaper honey varieties and chose premium Apple Gum. It was right in so many ways, including its dark hue and perfect flavour!

While he used to do the cooking himself, these days he oversees a younger team who make Big Rick’s in giant speciality vats. An expert on making sauces in general, and barbeque sauces in particular, Rick’s BBQ sauces have a special place in his ‘sauce community’, Bob says.

“We consider Big Rick’s one of a kind – due to its cult following and strong fan-base.”

“At the beginning, it was a little niche product – for American expats. It’s certainly grown since then, has lots of dedicated Australian fans. At least every week someone visits our site and is knocked-out that we actually make Big Rick’s… like make the real Big Rick’s barbeque sauces, their absolute favourite!”

One of Bob’s key specialities is getting the flavour of a sauce just right.

“There were some considerations when we first started to adapt it to Australia. It wasn’t to be as spicy – as we don’t have the same love of chilli as the Americans, with their Mexican neighbours.”

“Here in Australia, the flavours tend to be subtle – chilli is not a strong influence overall.”

He’s proud of the success of the sauces he’s helped to make for so many years, with their cult following in this country growing daily.[/ultimate_modal]

Big Glenn

The Butcher

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Big Glenn

The Butcher

Award-winner three times over, Glenn Stewart’s been a hard-working butcher for 30 years. Glenn is a self-confessed Big Rick’s Bar-BBQ Sauces lover. His commitment to Big Rick’s is one reasons the big sauces are available, and growing in popularity, in Australia today. He was the instigator of our team, and to this day sells Big Rick’s as his exclusive BBQ Sauce in his busy butcher shop, Albion Park Village Meats, in the Illawarra, NSW.  He also uses Big Rick’s as his favourite in-house marinade.

When he first tasted Big Rick’s sauces he was hooked, and his passion for their big taste motivated him to obtain the American rights, and bring in the others team members Al and Bob. Enter his hectic butcher shop and Big Rick’s BBQ sauce has pride of place: it’s the only sauce or condiment range he stocks! He makes the most of its versatility.

“We do a lot of value adding using Big Rick’s BBQ sauces. This is a two-income family area, people are busy, we prepare a meal, using Big Rick’s as a marinade, they pick it up after work, take it home and cook it straight away.”

Glenn uses Big Rick’s to create his 100% beef burger mix, which is a crowd pleaser. The key to his scrumptious pork ribs, as well as beef ribs, is a marinade mix based on Big Rick’s Original BBQ Sauce.

Not keen on big spice himself, his personal favorite is Honey BBQ. “Some customers like it hot, though Honey BBQ is a big favorite. I like the Honey BBQ too, I don’t mind the Original BBQ either!”[/ultimate_modal]

Crates of Big Rick's BBQ Sauce

Big Al

The Merchant

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Crates of Big Rick's BBQ Sauce

Crates of Big Rick’s BBQ Sauce

Big Al

The Seller

Alan Robinson is a strong motivating force behind Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces’ success in Australia. He is an Illawarra business leader, a CEO of an IT business, who first hooked up with Big Glenn to kick start the Big Rick’s Bar-B-Q Sauce Down Under venture in 2009.

He loves the sauces themselves, and also the ethics behind supporting ‘the little guys’.

“What we all share is not merely a love of fine food, and the sauces themselves, but a commitment to working with independent butchers,” he explains.

“What sets us apart is our passion for making Big Rick’s sauces available through independent butchers only. We have a history of supporting independent butchers, as opposed to the supermarkets and big chains. It’s really important to us and has been a matter of principle from the start.”

Big Al knows all about the cult following that Big Rick’s Bar-B-Q sauces inspire, as he’s often on the receiving end of requests from those who can’t get enough of Rick’s BBQ sauces. Yet he also has his own BBQ lover’s story.

“Like many Australians, I’ve always been interested in barbequing…I grew up with BBQ through my Dad, Jim, who was from a small country town, Blayney in NSW. As a kid when we were on the road, we’d stop and I’d get firewood and Dad would get a grill plate out the back of the car, and we’d have lamb chops on the side of the road.”

That love of the Australian BBQ tradition has stayed with Al, who today through his Big Rick’s experience loves cooking on charcoal, off-set cooking and reverse searing. He loves the way his wife, Di, marinades their sausages in Rick’s Original Bar-B-Q sauce before going on a family camping trip, and he’s an avid fan of the Australian Barbeque Alliance too, a friendly community of keen BBQ enthusiasts like himself.

Al’s pleased to be bringing Big Rick’s to more people online and proud that the new digital shop is butcher-friendly.[/ultimate_modal]

Your independence is important to us

Since we started Big Rick’s Down Under, we’ve been supplying and supporting you, the little guys, the independent butchers and independently owned stores, exclusively. That’s over 300 Australian butchers who stock Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces and numbers are growing! Your independence and product exclusivity is important to us! We know that our quality, big taste, one-of-a-kind sauces being available exclusively to you as small, hard working business people important to you too.

If you’re a butcher and want to learn more about becoming a Big Rick’s sauce supplier visit our ‘For Butchers’ page today.