Big Rick’s has become a big Australian BBQ sauce favourite. Meet the Big Rick’s team.

Like all Big Rick’s fans, behind the scenes, we crave the big taste of Big Rick’s Bar-B-Q Sauces and love its big smooth texture. We’re big on the sauces’ history, direct from award-winning recipes from a sauce making genius in the US, Rick Doty (or Big Rick) himself.  We’re proud of how our sauces are made gluten-free with top quality produce, carefully selected to keep the authenticity of the Big Rick’s legend alive.

As barbeque enthusiasts, foodies and plain old good food eaters ourselves, the Big Rick’s crew, that is Big Glen, Big Bob and Big Al, are each fans of the four big tasting sauces. We’ve got our favourite ways to eat them and prepare meals with them, to transform a simple cut of steak, chook, a slice of fish or a plate of veggies into a big taste sensation.

Big Glen’s fond of a simple cut of steak with our Original BBQ sauce, Big Bob spaghetti bolognaise and Big Al’s big tip is to add Big Rick’s to bacon and eggs to make it a feast.

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Big Rick

The Originator

The Cook - Big Rick's

Big Bob

The Cook

Big Glenn

The Butcher

Crates of Big Rick's BBQ Sauce

Big Al

The Merchant

Your independence is important to us

Since we started Big Rick’s Down Under, we’ve been supplying and supporting you, the little guys, the independent butchers and independently owned stores, exclusively. That’s over 300 Australian butchers who stock Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces and numbers are growing! Your independence and product exclusivity is important to us! We know that our quality, big taste, one-of-a-kind sauces being available exclusively to you as small, hard working business people important to you too.

If you’re a butcher and want to learn more about becoming a Big Rick’s sauce supplier visit our ‘For Butchers’ page today.