If you’re new to these big tasting Big Rick’s BBQ sauces, let’s introduce: Big Rick’s Original, Big Tasting BBQ sauce (the one and only original and true big flavour sauce on which the others are each based), Big Rick’s Honey BBQ Sauce (with real Australian honey for extra sweetness), Big Rick’s With a Bite (with a hint of chilli, for a mild touch of heat) and Big Rick’s Hot As (reminiscent of an American-style chilli taste sensation, hot … but not overpowering!)

Four Big Tasting BBQ Sauces

The four Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces have a three-dimensional quality to them, they offer a long lasting flavour that sets them apart from other sauces. All the sauces rely on a sweet, big feel tomato base, with their luxurious texture differentiating them again from other sauces on the market. Each of the sauces is based on the Original Big Taste BBQ Sauce recipe. This recipe brings in the rich tomato setting, the two additional flavours, one smokey and the other, a hint of Asian spice.  Added to that original foundation come the other three sauces: Honey BBQ, Hot As and With A Bite, each providing their own unique combination of sweetness, spiciness and heat.

Original, Big Tasting, BBQ Sauce

A stand-alone much loved BBQ sauce. Offers a  wood-smoky flavour on a rich tomato base, with a hint of spice. Great for everyone.

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Honey BBQ Sauce

Based on the Original BBQ Sauce, with a shot of premium Australian honey for pure, natural sweetness. A favourite with kids.

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With a Bite BBQ Sauce

Based on the Original BBQ Sauce, this has a hint of Chipotle chilli flavour.

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Hot As BBQ Sauce

Based on the Original BBQ Sauce, Habanero chilli gives it a shot of heat.

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The story of Big Rick

Big Rick’s Big Tasting BBQ Sauces are based on original award-winning recipes by their US sauce inventor, Rick Doty, Big Rick himself who became a celebrity touring the US BBQ circuit with these big taste sensations.

The BBQ and Beyond: Sauce Versatility

Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces are not just limited to using for the barbie, although they are ideal for the backyard cookout! Other ways you can use them include: on burgers, ribs, on a pizza base, with bacon and eggs, in spaghetti bolognaise, in stir fries, as a marinade for ribs and sausages, for home grilling or baking or in dips.

The Original Big Taste BBQ Sauce offers a big rich tomato base as its foundation. On top of that caramel and cumin is added to achieve an Asiatic hint of spice as a foreground taste, as well as sweetness. In the background, there’s genuine hickory, creating a traditional woody-smoky flavour reminiscent of the US BBQ tradition. A favourite on ribs and steak, both budget and premier cuts.

Big Rick’s Honey BBQ uses the Original sauce recipe as a base and offers pure Australian Apple Gum honey selected from Queensland supplier  A Natural Hive Australia (NHA) for its taste of all natural sweetness. This dark and premium honey gives this sauce its leading edge. Popular with the kids.

Big Rick’s With a Bite also uses the Original sauce recipe as its foundation. This sauce has a hint of Chipotle added to it, which literally means ‘smoked chilli’. This ingredient is, in fact, smoke-dried jalapeño, and gives the sauce its slight touch of heat. In terms of spicy, it’s not overpowering and much milder than its American counterpart.

Big Rick’s Hot As also based on the Original sauce recipe, has as its added special ingredient Habanero chilli. While still not as hot as the American version of the sauce, it is for those who do like the kick of chilli in a sauce.