Welcome! If you haven’t tried Big Rick’s Bar-B-Q Sauces yet, you haven’t experienced the lure of their big taste sensation for yourself. There’s no time like today to get a sample and see for yourself.

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To become a Big Rick’s BBQ Sauce reseller and buy wholesale, complete the Wholesale Application Form below and submit it. Once we’ve approved you as a reseller, we’ll let you know. You can then place your orders for Big Rick’s BBQ Sauces and receive wholesale pricing. To make ordering easier, you can complete an online order form and we’ll get in touch to finalise your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have an online store, why should I sell in my butcher’s shop?

We need a way to help our customers who don’t have a butcher in their area – so the store was built to fill the gap, but it’s still cheaper to buy at your local butcher.

How is it cheaper than to buy from a local butcher?

When buying online we require customers to buy a minimum of four bottles per order and include postage cost. Many customers will often simply want a single bottle or two. This is easily done by popping into their local butcher who resells Big Rick’s – they can buy the volume of sauce they want without the cost of postage.

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